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RV Park Questions

Are you pet-friendly?

Yes! We have three fenced pet yards and a walking path around the storage yard that we encourage people to use. We permit up to two pets per site. All pets must be leashed with no more than six foot max leashes and be attended at all times while outside.

How many cars can I have at my site?
That depends on the site and varies from one to three. Extra vehicles can be placed in the storage yard for a fee. Visitors my park at extra sites located at park buildings or areas designated by the office.

Do you offer cable TV?
All sites are wired so a tenant may obtain private cable TV and internet services. We have a clear sky view for satellite TV users. There are also many strong digital channels over the air antenna signals available within the park absolutely free.

How close are you to the hospital?
We are located about one mile away and have very easy access between locations.

How close are you to the ocean / beaches / dunes?
Alder Acres is located inland only a couple miles from the water, but to access the ocean is a seven minute drive to the Charleston Harbor. Beaches begin at that point and head south from there. Access to the dunes recreation area is to the North beyond the North Bend Bridge about five miles away.

What are your insurance requirements?
All RVs staying in the park are required to have liability insurance. Monthly tenants must provide proof of coverage to the office at time of check in, and keep coverage during entire stay. Office must have proof of current coverage updated at expiration of policy.

What are your RV restrictions?
Nightly RVs must be in good serviceable condition to be checked in. Monthly RVs have a 10-year age maximum and be fully self-contained (serviceable kitchen and bathroom).

What facilities does Alder Acres offer?
Alder Acres has a restroom, shower, laundry, and clubhouse facilities. There is no charge on the showers. Laundry is coin or card service.

How many people are allowed per site?
Site rates are based on up to two-person occupancy. Additional persons are an additional charge.

Can you suggest a good restaurant?
We keep a collection of local menus at the office for you to peruse and would be happy to give personalized recommendations and directions!

How do I get a shed at my site?
Alder Acres offers sheds in back in sites. Sheds are not available at pull-through sites.


Mobile Home Community Questions

How many people does rent cover per address?
Rent is based on up to two people per address. Additional people are $100 per month per person.

What is the home inspection requirement?
Any home in the park that has been owned for more than two years and is resold will require a home inspection report to look for health and safety issues that must be addressed before the park will grant occupancy to a new owner. We do not specify whether buyer or seller pays for this and a copy of the report must be provided to the office for records. The park reserves the right to inspect for completion of repairs (or that home inspector service verifies work) before signing off on granting occupancy.

How many vehicles are allowed per address?
Each house can have up to two vehicles parked in their driveway. Short-term parking by guests for up to two hours may happen on street side. Other vehicles must either be in your parking structure.

What are the garage / carport requirements?
Any house sold since 2010 without a garage or having an unsafe garage must construct a new garage or carport structure on site. Further details are available from the park office.

Do you run background checks on applicants?
Yes. We run a credit, rental history, and criminal check on those applying to purchase a house in the park.

Are there any animal restrictions in the manufactured home community?
Each house may have up to two animals. Animals must be leashed or kept within a fenced yard while outside. Animals must not be disruptive or aggressive to the neighborhood. No full-time outdoor animals.


Vehicle Storage Questions

Do you offer mini storage units?
We only offer storage for highway rated vehicles and trailers.

What are the insurance requirements for vehicle storage?
We require vehicles and trailers to have liability insurance that directly covers the unit (tow vehicle insurance only covers while the unit is connected and in use). On an individually reviewed case, empty utility trailers without engines or propane may be excluded from this policy.

What are your storage restrictions?
Vehicles and trailers in storage must be in serviceable condition and no older than 25 years old. Individual reviewed cases may allow exceptions for classic rigs in restored condition.

How do you rent sites?
Storage is based on a per-vehicle pricing based on site size. Large sites may accommodate a second vehicle at a discounted rate.

What are the storage yard gate hours?
Gate hours are from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. The gate will be locked out from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.

What security do you provide for the storage area?
The yard is fenced with a 6’ chain link fence. The yard is patrolled at random times 24 hours daily. There is a gate control system with unique user entry codes that are tallied.

Can I run a heater while plugged in?
The circuits are 15 amp GFCI protected circuits. Between the RV battery chargers and other power draws that an RV has built in, a high draw appliance like heaters and dehumidifiers will trip the circuit (which may not happen immediately at plugging it in as some devices have delays). The park office can recommend suitable devices and suggestions to help with preventing musty odors and mold. The best prevention is proper vehicle storage preparation and maintenance. Ask for a storage tips sheet at office!

Can I leave my refrigerator on while plugged in to electric service?
Leaving food in an RV is not recommended. The Coos Bay area has frequent power fluctuations that can trip breakers and cause outages. Alder Acres will not be responsible for loss or damage from lost power. Food left in RVs can also attract rodents.

What do I need to plug in to electric service?
A standard heavy gauge electric extension cord is the best method. A 12-gauge 15 amp grounded cord works best and all adapters are best placed under or inside your RV to prevent rain exposure. No adapters that prevent the weather cover from closing are to be plugged directly into the outlets.

I forgot my access code. Can you tell me it over the phone?
For security reasons the park will not give out codes outside office hours. You will need to call or come in during office hours to be reminded of your code. If calling, you will need to answer a personalized security question to your receive code.

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